Weaving Land

Concerned with the metaphors of material, Pranati sutures a web of images; some speak of the death and
ransience in nature, while others evoke movements of insects, birds, flowers. Hand drawn, embroidered
and painted upon, the paper and fabric sometimes becomes a soil like surface with microcosmic insects
crawling over it, Her works seek a balance between the inner and outer worlds, between proximity and
distance, and between nature and human life. 

Pranati Panda studied BFA at the College of Art and Craft, Bhubaneswar and did her MFA at the Delhi
College of Art. Her paintings offer meticulous detail, with easy flowing lines and interesting textures and
motifs. Panda has participated in several group shows, and was awarded the Orissa State Akademi Award,
1993. She lives and works in New Delhi.