Tenth Edition IAF 2018

The tenth edition of India art fair is been beautifully curated, It’s a global platform for both Indian and South Asian art, and even for the 78 galleries and 18 countries, artists, curators and also for layman. The 17th BMW Art  Car is  a creation of American artist Jeff Koons, at India Art Fair 2018.


Artist Luz installation hole made of 21 circle of organic materials collected in the forests of different countries. It’s an unique work that depicts a consequence of the elements that combine into infinite manifestations nature appears anarchic and diverse.

G Ravinder Reddy is among Indian’s most eminent artist -sculptors. His sculptor are strong depiction of  Indian woman and her inner beauties, known for its raw and  earthy quality.

The amazing installation of Hema Upadhyay on The Dharavi slum is very inspiring and massive, supported by Kiran Nadar Museum of Art. Its an ariel view and viewers can feel the slum right in front of their eyes.

Richard Koh Fine Art  presents “The Goddess of Love” stunning art working of Anne Samat represents  woman of power, wisdom and insight.


Finally a young artist from east  “Sudipta Das”  was born in Assam, redraw her own identity as a fourth generation Bangladeshi migrant in India. Her installation “Soaring To  Nowhere”  supported by Gallery Latitude 28,  stresses on the non existence and displacement  of  refugees through  the figures which are suspended in the air.



Paying homage to France

India’s French Connection: Indian Artist in France, an exhibition conducted by DAG, at India Habitat Centre.

Indian artists have been drawn to Paris to study the masters, to mix with the modernists.India’s first acknowledged woman artist Amrita Sher Gill, who studied and practiced art at Paris before returning to home. S.H. Raza who become the first non European to win its prestigious award Prix de la critique.


Indian artists have been drawn to Paris to study the masters, to mix with the modernistV Nageshkar, Prodosh Das Gupta, Sailoz Mukherjee, Sailoz Mukherjea, Chintamoni Kar,Nirode Mazumdar, Jehangir Sabavala, K.K. Hebbar, Ram Kumar, Paritosh Sen, Laxman Pai, Akbar Padamsee, Rajendra Dhawan, Kanwal Krishna, Sakti Burman, Anjolie Ela Menon,Sunil Das, Nasreen Mohamedi, P. Khemraj, Zarina Hashmi, Jogen Choedhury, Himmat Shah, V. Viswanadhan, Prokash Karmakar, Nalini Malani.

To quote, Mr Kishore Singh “ Indian artists I have interviewed over the years hold those early memories of arriving in Paris and rushing to museums and galleries to view the work of the masters as their most precious introduction and lesson to the city and its artists. Paris had enjoyed a long association with art school and its lifestyle lent itself. Bohemianism associated with the arts. The air of freedom liberated artists from convention, allowing them a greater laxity, and a patronage that extended beyond observing propriety.”


Krishna Reddy who created the viscosity technique of print making at Paris’s Atelier.

Exhibition on view till 12th Feb 2018.



Jaipur Photo, the international outdoor photography festival will be held from 23rd February till the 4th March, 2018 in Jaipur. Produced by Orange Cat Productions in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan, and with the support of the Birla Corporation Ltd., a total of fourteen exhibitions will be staged across the city of Jaipur. Locations include the Hawa Mahal, the City Palace, the Jantar Mantar and the Albert Hall Museum, with site-specific exhibitions and large-format prints adapted to the exceptional architecture of the venues.



During the opening weekend (23rd to 25th February, 2018), a series of talks, lectures and screenings at the Jawahar Kala Kendra by renowned personalities from the world of photography will complement the festival’s exhibitions. The list of panelists features such distinguished speakers as Jason Fulford, Aveek Sen, Val Villiams, Anna Fox, etc. The inaugural lecture will be presented by the influential artist, curator, collector and ad man from Netherlands, Erik Kessels.

“One of the gems of the 2018 edition is a show that will be staged in the UNESCO world heritage site, the Jantar Mantar, the prospect of inserting contemporary photography into this monumental setting, and very interesting photographic work by the German photographer Regine Petersen, which documents meteorite falls the world over, including one in Rajasthan itself: the meteorite fall that took place in Kanwarpura village in 2006”. – Lola Mac Dougall, Artistic Director, JaipurPhoto.

“A highlight of the upcoming edition is an exhibition of select works taken from the archives of the Mr. Chand, who over forty years, ran his photo studio in the city of Ajmer. This collection of studio portraits, selected by the French artist Christophe Prébois, is so remarkable one of our most important venues: the first-floor platform of the Hawa Mahal”. Nikhil Padgaonkar, Producer, JaipurPhoto

The festival is delighted to announce that for the 2018 edition, the American-born, UK-based artist, writer, academic and editor Aaron Schuman has been invited as the festival’s guest curator. JaipurPhoto will also host one collateral exhibition by Clare Arni at the City Palace presented by the Mumbai based TARQ gallery.

By exhibiting outdoors, in public locations, using large-size prints, an alternative way of viewing photography is being encouraged by the festival – one that is more accessible to the public and open to all.




India Art Fair 2018

India Art Fair will be held on 9 – 12 February 2018, at the NSIC grounds, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, presented in partnership with BMW Group in India. Jagdip Jagpal  is the  new Fair Director, commented:“We are thrilled to announce the first highlights of our 2018 programme, which is about inspiring visitors to discover the best of the local and regional art scene, from its fascinating history through to its modern-day icons and emerging talent. Packed with exciting initiatives, it complements the incredibly strong programming that we are seeing in our galleries. However, 2018 is just the beginning. Working with the community, we are taking this opportunity to explore and test ideas to shape the long-term future of India Art Fair, to ensure that it reflects the cultural diversity and distinct identity of the region. Moving forward, we are also committed to supporting the region’s artists, galleries and institutions not only at the fair but year-round.”

India’s most influential cultural organisations partnering with the fair in 2018 include Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art, Floodlight Foundation and B M Anand Foundation. International institutions present at the fair include the Korean Culture Center, and the Institut français en Inde. Alongside these, the fair will also engage with other leading non-profits like the Gujral Foundation, Devi Art Foundation and KHOJ


This includes standout exhibitions and events at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Bikaner House, KHOJ as well as Lado Sarai Gallery Night. International visitors looking to discover more of the region’s cultural offering are also encouraged to visit Mumbai Gallery Weekend, an annual festival organised by many of India Art Fair’s participating galleries, which takes place the weekend before fair, from 31 January to 4 February 2018.

Art Fair Visiting Hours:

Friday 9 February

Press & Collector Previews by invitation

Vernissage: 05:00 pm – 08:00 pm

Saturday 10 February

Cardholder Hours: 11:00 am – 02:00 pm

Public Hours: 02:00 pm – 08:00 pm

Sunday 11 February

Public Hours: 11:00 am – 08:00 pm

Monday 12 February

Cardholder Hours: 11:00 am– 02:00 pm

Public Hours: 02:00 pm – 08:00 pm

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The Political Works of KG Subramanyan

Seeking a Poertry of the Real: The Political Works of KG Subramanyan is dedicated to the memories of an artist and pedagogue.

Art  Hertiage in collaboration with the Seagull Foundation for the Arts brings to Delhi audiences a powerful show that pays tribute to one of the modern India’s great artist.

The exhibition focuses primarily on Subramanyan’s work from late 70’s onwards, when the artist response to the political upheavals that begans to rock the nation becomes evident.

His works, like those of all great work of art, are characterized as distancing of the event.  In his case through the prism of irony wit and certain amount of lampooning that allowed the mundane and the archetypal levitate in a state of playfulness.

The show accumulates seminal works that cocoon the artist’s deep and abiding concern with the cracks and fissures that have unfortunately developed due to political misinterpretation of a great tolerant culture and civilisation such as india.

His works on display include The Bangladesh Terracottas, The City is not for Burning, The Tale of the Talking Face, Anatomy Lesson, and The War of the Relics among others.


Mysteries of Silence

Mysteries of silence an art exhibition by Jaspreet  Gujral at Shridhani, Triveni Kala Sangam.

His art is drenched with spirituality inner peace and mysticism.

The aesthetics of his works are based on uneven placement of elements and it can be related to nature which does not follow any set of rules.

Artist merged himself with his art; he cannot disconnect himself from his work.

Story and Photo  by Artraaga.com






Feelings a duos art exhibition by artist Bijoy Kumar Basak  and Sujit Kumar Karan was held at Triveni Kala Sangam.

In Bijoy’s work, the surface is no less a component and he has a preference for paper as the ground.

He constructs his visual narrative through textures, fragile lines and subdued colours in mixed media. Bijoy lives and works in Kolkata.

The main subject of Sujit Kumar Karan’s work centres round the idea of fragmentation of life or detachment from Nature.Today’s life, being fast and competitive, is gradually going far away from normal life and nature.

Life has now become incomplete and monotonous. For Sujit, this incompleteness gives birth to ugliness. He feels it is the responsibility of the artist in him to find out aesthetic beauty which is a protest against ugliness


Story and photo by artraaga.com


The exhibition  Faces : The Portrait Studios in India and Georgia, photographs by Suresh Punjabi  and Shalva Alkhanaidze. The Georgian photography week in India is dedicated to the memory of late Ambassador of Georgia to India Mr. Levan Ni Jaradze .

The image by Suresh Punjabi are testimony to an era of hands on studio photography when physical materials combined with the photographer ingenuity to stage and capture not only real poignant human dramas.

His images depicts a slice of 1970s and 80s history from central india.

In Studio Suhug, Suresh had captures people from all walks of life.

All are depicted with the aid of a relatively fixed repertoire of backdrops, lights and accessories.

Shalva Alkhanaidze,  a self taught Georgian  photographer was discovered by pure accident in 2005. He only has his lens and modest lighting to create breathtaking  portraits of his contemporaries with only aim  to reflect their personality.

During 1960-1970 in his studio, he would shoot portraits gathered in a big series Passport Photo.

Shalva’s second big series On the Road of Tusheti is a collection of images shot in different villages in 1950 1975.

His images depict the everyday life of people of Tusheti.

The photography exhibition presented by Tbilisi photo festival.


Photography Artraaga.com


Khushraang art show curated by Erum Khan, a group show participated by 24 artists.The main aim of the Khushraang is to bring visibility &credibility to the works of deserving talented artists.The Deputy CM of Delhi Mr Manish Sisodia visited the art exhibition and appreciated the artwork.

Karan’s work was very promising  as a young talented artist.His aesthetic division sense and usage of strong lines and elements got inspired by Ariel view of the earth as a experimental artist.

 Nirankar Chowdhury to explore the values of human being, animal & everything in their lives.

R K Pattnaik is a philosophical artist with motivation ideas. Hardev Singh work has a subtle sublime in his photography.Sushank Kumar shows a unique approach of man’s desire through his mix media.

Artraaga .com