‘Highlightenment’ by Meghansh

‘Highlightenment’ by Meghansh

Meghansh is a contemporary artist with a background of 5 solo shows and around 35 group shows all over India and abroad. His was a long journey with less stability and more creativity. The more life challenged him the more he excelled. And this tussle produced the two distant relatives in accordance – Black which is profound and White which is pure.  After a successful series of ‘Black and White …Following the path of faith’, he is all set with his latest series of paintings ‘HIGHLIGHTENMENT’ – The highlighted moment of enlightenment.

With strong narratives and visually powerful artworks, Meghansh’  paintings are the silhouette of his inner self, reflecting his memories, the milestones he achieved, the moments that affected him badly and the goodness of life amongst family members. Be it, his mother, father, wife or children, he sketches out his emotional self very honestly with charcoal, watercolour, acrylics and through sculptures.

His paintings present metaphysical foundations such as space and time which he explains by the use of elements like the light bulbs, trunks, locks, crescent moon, boat and fish to name some. These symbols along with human figures unify the conceptual diversity of his paintings and give a totality to them by juxtaposing the visual with the tactile language.

Meghansh can be said to be an autobiographical painter who not only expresses his emotions and experiences but also the passions, joys, contests and pathetic dilemmas of humanity. He is opposed to impersonal art which attempts to express purely in visual terms. His style focuses on the personal experiences of life, things which are not merely visualised but are lived with.

Through HIGHLIGHTENMENT we are roused to think about the kind of memories and the highlighted moments he must have experienced in life. Through strong storytelling, he manages to indulge the viewer into a dialogue, in which his experiences become that of viewers’. In trying to articulate the thoughts underlying in the works of Meghansh Thapa, one is driven to examine, not only the works themselves, but also the relationship the artist has with them, during their fabrication and when they are finished.

A solo exhibition of paintings to be held in Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai from 17th to 23rd April.

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