Tenth Edition IAF 2018

Tenth Edition IAF 2018

The tenth edition of India art fair is been beautifully curated, It’s a global platform for both Indian and South Asian art, and even for the 78 galleries and 18 countries, artists, curators and also for layman. The 17th BMW Art  Car is  a creation of American artist Jeff Koons, at India Art Fair 2018.


Artist Luz installation hole made of 21 circle of organic materials collected in the forests of different countries. It’s an unique work that depicts a consequence of the elements that combine into infinite manifestations nature appears anarchic and diverse.

G Ravinder Reddy is among Indian’s most eminent artist -sculptors. His sculptor are strong depiction of  Indian woman and her inner beauties, known for its raw and  earthy quality.

The amazing installation of Hema Upadhyay on The Dharavi slum is very inspiring and massive, supported by Kiran Nadar Museum of Art. Its an ariel view and viewers can feel the slum right in front of their eyes.

Richard Koh Fine Art  presents “The Goddess of Love” stunning art working of Anne Samat represents  woman of power, wisdom and insight.


Finally a young artist from east  “Sudipta Das”  was born in Assam, redraw her own identity as a fourth generation Bangladeshi migrant in India. Her installation “Soaring To  Nowhere”  supported by Gallery Latitude 28,  stresses on the non existence and displacement  of  refugees through  the figures which are suspended in the air.



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