The Political Works of KG Subramanyan

The Political Works of KG Subramanyan

Seeking a Poertry of the Real: The Political Works of KG Subramanyan is dedicated to the memories of an artist and pedagogue.

Art  Hertiage in collaboration with the Seagull Foundation for the Arts brings to Delhi audiences a powerful show that pays tribute to one of the modern India’s great artist.

The exhibition focuses primarily on Subramanyan’s work from late 70’s onwards, when the artist response to the political upheavals that begans to rock the nation becomes evident.

His works, like those of all great work of art, are characterized as distancing of the event.  In his case through the prism of irony wit and certain amount of lampooning that allowed the mundane and the archetypal levitate in a state of playfulness.

The show accumulates seminal works that cocoon the artist’s deep and abiding concern with the cracks and fissures that have unfortunately developed due to political misinterpretation of a great tolerant culture and civilisation such as india.

His works on display include The Bangladesh Terracottas, The City is not for Burning, The Tale of the Talking Face, Anatomy Lesson, and The War of the Relics among others.

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