Feelings a duos art exhibition by artist Bijoy Kumar Basak  and Sujit Kumar Karan was held at Triveni Kala Sangam.

In Bijoy’s work, the surface is no less a component and he has a preference for paper as the ground.

He constructs his visual narrative through textures, fragile lines and subdued colours in mixed media. Bijoy lives and works in Kolkata.

The main subject of Sujit Kumar Karan’s work centres round the idea of fragmentation of life or detachment from Nature.Today’s life, being fast and competitive, is gradually going far away from normal life and nature.

Life has now become incomplete and monotonous. For Sujit, this incompleteness gives birth to ugliness. He feels it is the responsibility of the artist in him to find out aesthetic beauty which is a protest against ugliness


Story and photo by artraaga.com

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