The exhibition  Faces : The Portrait Studios in India and Georgia, photographs by Suresh Punjabi  and Shalva Alkhanaidze. The Georgian photography week in India is dedicated to the memory of late Ambassador of Georgia to India Mr. Levan Ni Jaradze .

The image by Suresh Punjabi are testimony to an era of hands on studio photography when physical materials combined with the photographer ingenuity to stage and capture not only real poignant human dramas.

His images depicts a slice of 1970s and 80s history from central india.

In Studio Suhug, Suresh had captures people from all walks of life.

All are depicted with the aid of a relatively fixed repertoire of backdrops, lights and accessories.

Shalva Alkhanaidze,  a self taught Georgian  photographer was discovered by pure accident in 2005. He only has his lens and modest lighting to create breathtaking  portraits of his contemporaries with only aim  to reflect their personality.

During 1960-1970 in his studio, he would shoot portraits gathered in a big series Passport Photo.

Shalva’s second big series On the Road of Tusheti is a collection of images shot in different villages in 1950 1975.

His images depict the everyday life of people of Tusheti.

The photography exhibition presented by Tbilisi photo festival.


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